Bunkers have long been a challenge for both the golf course architect and golf course superintendent wanting to create bunkers with more dramatic shape and structure and yet keeping the upkeep to a minimum. BunkerMat now allows spectacular bunkers to be created, dramatically reducing the work involved in maintenance.

Advantages of BunkerMat bunker liner

Advantage Description
Superior Performance BunkerMat is designed to retain sand on steep bunker faces and restrict the migration of rocks and fine grained soil particles from the underlying soil into the bunker sand.
Steeper Bunkers The bunker sand settles into the fibres becoming trapped within the open structure of the mat profile. Once this has occured there is little or no downward movement of the sand. This results in in the sand being able to be held on steeper bunker faces creating impressive looking bunkers
Reduced Installation Costs Due to the high tensile strength and flexibility of BunkerMat installation costs (including the fixing of pins) are greatly reduced. Tensile strength is an important factor with bunker liners as it allows the product to withstand the weight of heavy wet sand without tearing or slumping
Proven UV Resistance The highly UV stabilised fibres of BunkerMat ensures that no degradation of the product occurs from exposure to sunlight. As a result BunkerMat requires only a 20mm covering of sand – creating an almost maintenance free bunker face
Widely Used BunkerMat has successfully proven itself on both championship and public courses around the world as the golfing world discovers the BunkerMat advantages.
Wide Rolls and Cheaper Freight BunkerMat is available in either 2m or 4m widths – allowing for reduced freight costs as there are more rolls packed in a shipping container or on a truck.